MARC reviews proposals for energy projects that require Section 248 review.  MARC also considers requests for preferred site letters required under Vermont Public Utility Commission Net-Metering Rules (Rule 5.100).

Most distributed power generation facilities, such as biomass power plants and hydropower dams – as well as grid-connected wind power and solar systems- are subject to review and approval by the Vermont Public Utilities Commission (30 V.S.A. §248). Federal and other state permitting may also be needed for these projects. For information about public participation in Section 248 proceedings, see the Vermont Public Utility Commission’s website. A report published by the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies also contains a summary of the Section 248 process. 

Public utility power generating plants and transmission facilities regulated under 30 V.S.A. §248 are exempt from local zoning.  See 24 V.S.A. §4413 (b).