Active living and transportation


  • To maintain, enhance and expand recreational opportunities in Bethel so that the Town has adequate facilities and amenities to meet the current and future physical activity and recreation needs of its residents and visitors. (Bethel)
  • Improve pedestrian access and safety in the Village. (Rochester)


  • It is the policy of the Town to encourage the development of outdoor recreational opportunities, including recreational business development. (Bethel)
  • Keep Town sidewalks in good repair. (Randolph) 
  • Promote active transportation through walking and biking. (Royalton)
  • To provide alternatives to the heavy reliance on individual automobiles. (Royalton)
  • Promote a built environment and programs that support physical activity. (Woodstock)


  • Reasonable and safe access between (sidewalks, paths, etc.). As walking is increasingly recognized as an essential part of healthy living, the Planning Commission should seek opportunities to improve the walking environment within the village and hamlet areas. (Barnard) 
  • The Town should consider creating a long-range recreation plan that utilizes citizen input and good planning practices. (Bethel)
  • Promote use of park and recreation facilities and expand walking and biking opportunities. (Royalton)
  • Consider accessibility when developing public spaces and recreational opportunities. (Royalton)

Age friendly communities


  • Build a stronger community for healthy aging. (Woodstock)


  • It is the policy of the Town to support the development of assisted living or other facilities or services dedicated to supporting all those in need. (Bradford)


  • The Town should thoroughly examine whether adequate Senior Citizen housing exists in town. (Royalton)
  • Learn about walkways, homes, and neighborhoods that meet the needs of older adults. (Woodstock)
  • Encourage increased day care facilities for senior citizens (Woodstock)



  • To encourage the creation of additional safe and affordable child care facilities that meet the established needs of residents in Bethel. (Bethel)


  • It is the policy of the Town to support the private development of additional facilities to meet the child care needs of its residents and may assist with seeking funding to develop these facilities (Bethel)
  • Explore methods for increasing accessibility to family and child resources, including but not limited to resources for domestic violence prevention. (Royalton)


  • The Town will endeavor to be responsive to individuals seeking to establish themselves as childcare providers, and to the extent that it is able, it will assist them in overcoming barriers toward licensing and registration. (Bethel)
  • Consider financial incentives for new and existing child care facilities. (Randolph)
  • Identify locations in town that would be appropriate child care facilities. (Randolph)



  • Minimize the risks to human health and the environment posed by hazardous sites. (Royalton)
  • To maintain and enhance the quality of drinking-water resources. (Bethel)
  • Maintain healthy air quality. (Rochester)
  • To maintain and improve the quality of air, water, wildlife and land resources (Royalton)


  • It is the policy of the Town that land use activities which potentially threaten groundwater quality must be carefully reviewed to prevent undue loss of groundwater quality. (Bethel)
  • Carefully review all development projects to ensure minimal negative impact on Royalton’s natural, scenic, archaeological, and historic resources (Royalton)


  • The Town should seek to educate residents about runoff issues and proper disposal of hazardous waste. (Bethel)
  • Acknowledge and mitigate the impact of climate change on our natural systems, way of life, human health, and local economy (Royalton)

Healthy food


  • Support infrastructure policies and organizations which promote healthy eating and active living and address obesity and other health consequences. (Woodstock)


  • Increase access to healthy foods. (Royalton)


  • The Town shall promote and support the efforts of the Bethel Food Shelf in assisting low income and food insecure residents with access to enough healthy and nutritious food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. (Bethel)
  • Assist the farmers market and community garden to explore barriers to and increase options for food access. (Royalton)

Healthy homes


  • To promote sufficient safe, healthy, energy-efficient, accessible, and affordable housing for present and future Bethel residents. (Bethel)
  • Encourage safe and sanitary housing. (Rochester)


  • To ensure that new and rehabilitated housing is safe, sanitary, and located conveniently to employment and commercial centers. (Royalton)


  • Community leaders should work with state housing agencies, non-profit organizations, and lending institutions to encourage the availability of loan or grant funds for Stockbridge residents to acquire or improve their primary homes. (Stockbridge)

Healthy town community/culture


  • The Town will promote health, safety and wellness for all of its residents. (Bethel)
  • Promote health and wellness in Royalton. (Royalton)
  • Improve parks, recreation facilities, and open spaces for accessibility and community mingling. (Royalton)
  • Increase access to local mental and behavioral health services. (Woodstock)


  • It is the policy of the Town to promote healthy lifestyle choices for its residents, including but not limited to healthy food choices, prevention of substance misuse, access to physical exercise and recreation, and promotion of active transportation methods such as walking and biking. (Bethel)
  • Provide a safe, supervised place for young people to socialize, do homework, and play music/games after school. (Woodstock)
  • Ensure that the recommendations of the Town Plan Health and Human Services section and other health-related decisions are implemented in a coordinated way. (Woodstock)


  • The Town should promote use of parks and recreation facilities. (Bethel)
  • Consider conducting Health Impact Assessments for proposed projects when appropriate. (Royalton)
  • Appoint a Town Health and Human Services commission to identify needs and resources and coordinate efforts to implement the actions identified in the Town Plan (Woodstock)



  • Make resources available locally to adults, youth, and parents to help with substance abuse issues. (Woodstock)


  • Reduce concentrated exposure to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco and nicotine products. (Royalton)
  • The Town should consider ordinances and other regulations prohibiting use and disposal of tobacco, tobacco substitutes, vaping products, and marijuana/cannabis on Town-owned or Town-leased property, or at outdoor events open to the public. (Bethel)
  • The Town should consider establishing point-of-sale restrictions for age-restricted substances. (Bethel)


  • With the help of community organizations, raise awareness of the nature and seriousness of substance abuse and driving under the influence. (Royalton)
  • Encourage smoke-free environments. (Royalton)
  • Work with quality substance abuse support programs to have regular local support groups for youth and parents with substance abuse dependency or addiction, and for parents with children suffering from substance abuse dependency. (Woodstock)

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