Act 64 (2015 Vermont Clean Water Act) -

Act 64 (2015 Vermont Clean Water Act)

The Vermont Clean Water Act (VCWA) was signed into law on June 17, 2015. MARC provides technical assistance to member municipalities with the implementation of the Act. Implementation activities focus on improving water quality and flood resilience, as well as assisting municipalities in meeting the many requirements of the Act.  

MARC works with municipal staff and boards to provide information about the mandates triggered by the VCWA and works with them on options such as stronger municipal protections against flood hazards and river corridor erosion, stormwater master planning, and other town plan or zoning changes to improve water quality. MARC staff updates fluvial erosion hazard/river corridor maps for towns and assists with compiling information to use in developing implementation plans under the Municipal Road General Permit (MRGP). As part of DEC’s Tactical Basin Planning program, MARC works closely with DEC staff to facilitate municipal participation in the development of Tactical Basin Plans (TBP).  

The Agency of Natural Resources is sponsoring a “Brown Bag Lunch Series” in person or online. Please see our calendar for upcoming lectures.  

In November 2015, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources released a website that focuses on the Clean Water Initiative called “Clean Water Vermont”. It reflects an exciting and growing collaboration among municipalities, state agencies, local and regional partners, farmers, businesses and the public to take action that will safeguard the public’s access to clean and safe water throughout the state. The website includes information about Act 64 and its implementation, the “Lake Champlain Plan” and more –