Act 250 and Section 248 -

Act 250 and Section 248

Under state law, regional planning commissions are enabled to participate in various regulatory and non-regulatory proceedings. MARC takes a very active role in reviewing every Act 250 application that it receives in order to determine conformance with the Regional Plan. If a conflict exists between the local and regional plans, the regional plan will be given effect over the municipal plan if a proposed development has a “substantial regional impact.” MARC is also active in other proceedings that have a bearing on the Region, such as Section 248, wetland permits, and the review of proposed state agency rules. The MARC Board of Commissioners established a Permit Review Committee to review projects of regional significance. See the  Implementation Chapter of the Regional Plan (page 156) for more information on implementing the plan in Act 250 and Section 248 proceedings, determination of substantial regional impact, and a summary of a review for compatibility with municipal plans and plans of adjoining regions.