2022 Comprehensive Energy Plan and Climate Action Plan

The Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) set out strong goals for Vermont over the next several decades to arrive at a 90% reduction in Green House Gas Emissions in 2050. The Department of Public Service (PSD) has updated the [2022]  Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) and Electric Plan is required by 30 V.S.A. § 202b and the Vermont Electric Energy Plan is required by 30 V.S.A. § 202. The Electric Energy Plan will be contained in the CEP, which has since been adopted by the legislature and signed into law. This plan is the fourth of its kind being originally adopted in 1998.

The GWSA also set out goals to drive the creation of an implementation plan called the  Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP gives pathways connected to the CEP to drive policies allowing greenhouse gas emissions reductions, building energy efficiency, and transportation emissions improvements. The criteria and analysis in these plans will direct energy planning within the region. Further information about these plans can be found here: